Credit Due?

DSC06189Self Portrait by Clinock. 17″ x 22″. Acrylic on paper. Paint applied with credit card. 2012.

The challenge – to create a self portrait without using a brush. I used only a credit card to apply the paint – what did I need the card for anyway? It ain’t photographic realism but hey, all credit due, it wasn’t an easy process. At least, I won’t be overspending this Christmas!


20 thoughts on “Credit Due?

    1. Thank you very much Ina – I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I think I just scraped by (oops, my reply to Robert is rubbing off on you). Not sure what can be done with A PayPal account but next I was thinking to collage my cheque book…;)


  1. Hi John…I must give you credit for this outstanding and sensitive painting. It increases your credit as an artist by giving you easy access to fluidity without a brush against your established line of identity. Best wishes,. Robert


    1. Oh oh – more challenging puns from Australia. (I’d better brush up on my answers) – thank you Robert for extending my line of credit and showing interest in my art, I am indebted to you. You are such a card when it comes to puns that I cannot possibly compare ratings – so I will just have to buy now and paint later…


  2. That has got to be the best way to use a credit card!!!!!
    True, not an easy process at all, yet it seems to me that that credit card served as a direct extension [so to speak!] of your emotions!
    Exceptional, John!


  3. You just made my day John. Great portrait. Love the challenge. Hmmmm if more people would use their credit cards to paint they wouldn’t be overspending. I think you’ve just come up with a wonderful self-help way to help people who are addicted to shopping. 🙂 Congrats. 🙂


  4. As you know, I recently got into trouble with my credit card. Fortunately, I am out of it now. If I’m ever tempted again to use it when I should not I hope it will be to use it to paint with. Cheers! Sharyn


  5. Clinock, I am glad you took up the challenge of creating a portrait using a credit card. There is something haunting about the eyes and the mouth is very sensitive. I wonder if you learnt something about yourself in the creation of this self portrait.


    1. Thanks Margaret. Every time I make a self portrait I learn something about my self-inevitable really – sometimes hard to accept – other times loving…


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