Uncovered Treasure 1

Solitary 2

he walks alone

across the city,

worn shoes echoing

the tessellation

of another

cold and solitary

wandering day,

cap and overcoat

armored against

rejecting light

and silent sound.

no one approaches

or smiles,

no hellos,

not even animals

come close

to the dark clothing

of his ambulation,

he is an island

in the shimmering

geometric ocean

of his loneliness.


In a recent mid-winter apartment purge I uncovered a set of 35 mm slides from some mist-enshrouded past era of my life. These photographic images enchant me, as they must have done many moons ago when I originally captured them on slide film.

Not owning a slide projector I scanned them into digital form and looked at them on my laptop. The images were visual poetry to me and words began to form around each one…

This post is the first of a series in which I will share these uncovered visual treasures paired with writings evoked by each slide.

I am also fascinated by the journey of the process these images have gone through over a long period of time. Originally an unknown photographer created an image using a film camera, manipulating and printing it using chemicals in a darkroom. The image was then purchased, photographed a second time and printed in a book where I found it and transformed it into slide film…a photograph of a photograph of a photograph. Using technology that was barely there when I made the slides, I scan the image, another form of photographic reproduction, adding a fourth layer to the process. Perhaps posting the image on WP could be considered a fifth stratum?

No doubt the images have deteriorated in quality as they have traveled through time but I accept this as an intrinsic characteristic of the process. Rather than treat the aging as a defect I prefer to see it as another face of beauty.

 I have no record of the original photographers of these images. If anyone out there recognizes the photographs please let me know and I will immediately add due credit to the artist.

poem by clinock.


12 thoughts on “Uncovered Treasure 1

  1. This really grabbed me John,

    ‘…shoes echoing the tessellation…’ your words right there, the intersection of physical sensation, sound, and shapes. And the shapes are designed: so they are idea.

    So you have suggested thought, feeling, touch…but … so very Solitary. Looking again at the image it’s almost like he’s on an imperceptible slant or curve…’worn shoes…in a…geometric ocean…’

    Strong metaphorical and imagistic words…..


  2. This shall be an interesting series… writing about images snapped so long ago will surely be altered by your own years of experiences and observations, so perhaps what captivated you in the first place has taken on deeper meanings.


    1. absolutely Nancy…you are right on place with your comment and thank you for it…in fact, since you first visited I have added more reflections on this experience…


  3. John I love the process of this uncovered treasure. How and why you originally photgraphed the image, how it has been transformed again and again and made digital and now your poetic rendering of it. Your words add a completely new appreciation of the image……EXCELLENT!


  4. I’d love to see this image in a gallery, and close up, it’s a really captivating photograph. I’m glad you’ve found some old artwork and photography, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. Thanks for sharing John.


    1. Me too, and who knows, perhaps it did once hang in an exhibition of photography…now we have to be content with this tiny screen image, not even able to make it larger. I’m happy to share…thank you Cheryl…


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