Uncovered Treasure 2

Just a glimpse

a glimpse of Beauty

as She passes by

eye meets eye

in brief eternity

then She is gone

slipping among trees

on iced moonlight

imagined and dispersed

on January winds

I am howling

at the falling sky

tangled in chimes

struggling with metaphor

chilled by promises

of spring

melting on the tongue

just a glimpse

through forest light

chiaroscuro of desire

Her face

already starting

to fragment

falling apart

as Her last glance

like a broken parasol

of mirrors


leaving Her eyes

charcoaled on papyrus

against the snow

promising everything

and nothing at all


In a recent mid-winter apartment purge I uncovered a set of 35 mm slides from some mist-enshrouded past era of my life. These photographic images enchant me, as they must have done many moons ago when I originally captured them on slide film.

Not owning a slide projector I scanned them into digital form and looked at them on my laptop. The images were visual poetry to me and words began to form around each one…

This post is the second of a series in which I will share these uncovered visual treasures paired with writings evoked by each slide.

I am also fascinated by the journey of the process these images have gone through over a long period of time. Originally an unknown photographer created an image using a film camera, manipulating and printing it using chemicals in a darkroom. The image was then purchased, photographed a second time and printed in a book where I found it and transformed it into slide film…a photograph of a photograph of a photograph. Using technology that was barely there when I made the slides, I scan the image, another form of photographic reproduction, adding a fourth layer to the process. Perhaps posting the image on WP could be considered a fifth stratum?

No doubt the images have deteriorated in quality as they have traveled through time but I accept this as an intrinsic characteristic of the process. Rather than treat the aging as a defect I prefer to see it as another face of beauty.

 I have no record of the original photographers of these images. If anyone out there recognizes the photographs please let me know and I will immediately add due credit to the artist.

poem by clinock.


8 thoughts on “Uncovered Treasure 2

  1. Treasures indeed and I treasure both the words and pictures as one who oft creates back stories for merely glimpsed faces =)


  2. You are redefining what a work of art is…..normally eliminating the non essential. You are adding the essential.
    In fact each has become essential to the other…….the treasures have been enriched with your perceptive poems.
    Somewhat like adding a soundtrack to a movie. Bravo!


  3. You know that if anyone is intrigued by such ‘treasure’ as this, it is me! I love the connection…poetry to images…i like that someone’s memories are being honoured after time Awesome stuff, John. Thanks for recently coming over to read…I enjoy your visits and insights.


  4. Love this interplay of text/image.

    Her face already starting to fragment…is nevertheless…a glimpse of Beauty as She passes by…
    Nice how you put that.

    Then I look at the image.
    Which. reminds me of a folk or fairy tale. So it might be very old. And since they are always new, she is new.

    The reality of the image (as I internalize it) is reflected in your poem.
    Maybe everybody finds a truth in this process you have undertaken?


    1. Thank you Steven and I hope that is so, your last line, it is why I do what I do. Your observations are as thought provoking and evocative as ever… I also see the elusive faerie magic here, perhaps this is the inherent nature of Beauty?


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