Uncovered Treasure 5


we are the dance

at the heart

of every atom,

stillness in motion,

moving in and out of light

through forest, through water,

through the wings of birds,

the humble flesh of worms,

the addict in the alley

and the lovers.

galaxies die and reform

in the space between breaths,

we empty and are filled,

we circle the sun,

magic spirals

from heart to heart

across arcs of spinning stars

as we dance the dance

and lightly disappear

into each other.


In a recent mid-winter apartment purge I uncovered a set of 35 mm slides from some mist-enshrouded past era of my life. These photographic images enchant me, as they must have done many moons ago when I originally captured them on slide film.

Not owning a slide projector I scanned them into digital form and looked at them on my laptop. The images were visual poetry to me and words began to form around each one…

This post is the fifth of a series in which I will share these uncovered visual treasures paired with writings evoked by each slide.

I am also fascinated by the journey of the process these images have gone through over a long period of time. Originally an unknown photographer created an image using a film camera, manipulating and printing it using chemicals in a darkroom. The image was then purchased, photographed a second time and printed in a book where I found it and transformed it into slide film…a photograph of a photograph of a photograph. Using technology that was barely there when I made the slides, I scan the image, another form of photographic reproduction, adding a fourth layer to the process. Perhaps posting the image on WP could be considered a fifth stratum?

No doubt the images have deteriorated in quality as they have traveled through time but I accept this as an intrinsic characteristic of the process. Rather than treat the aging as a defect I prefer to see it as another face of beauty.

 I have no record of the original photographers of these images. If anyone out there recognizes the photographs please let me know and I will immediately add due credit to the artist.

poem by clinock.


15 thoughts on “Uncovered Treasure 5

  1. Love your alliterative threads at work John…
    Arcs, Addicts, Alleys, Atom…
    Stillness, Space, Spinning Stars, Spiral, Sun…
    and all those soft ‘s’ and ‘c’ sounds…..

    great image!


  2. Daddio, I love this piece. It makes me feel connected to the world and the others in it. It lets me stop and appreciate being alive., omething that I don’t do enough as I get entwined in the day to day.


  3. Daddio, I love this piece. It makes me appreciate being a part of this world and connected to the people in it. It lets me stop, and realize that we are all connected and that life is amazing, something I don’t do enough. Thank you.


    1. Sam, I hear both of your comments and appreciate your words more than you know. Yes, we are all connected, all one family. We all need to pause sometimes and realize the wonder of being alive and how much we are all each other. You and Jesse always remind me of this. You both inspire me, in my writings and my life. Thank you for being you…


    1. Thanks Cheryl, happy you liked the poem… the light in the photo is serendipitous due to the aging of the slide used…none the less beautiful…I agree…. and this, in part, inspired me…You are in ‘Southern England’…which part? I am a Somerset lad with ancestors from Devon and Cornwall…


    2. If I still lived in England we would be almost neighbors! Been in Vancouver for many years but am still a Somerset lad at heart…Arrr miss the scrumpy though…


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