Black Sphere.

Black Sphere. 24" x 18". acrylic on paper.   (Ptg #8)

tangled confusion,

fractured uncertainty.

one floats away

the other balances

on the edge.

the light is all wrong.

mazes keep in

bars keep out.

the fires lose heat

in the freezing air.

cold silence muffles

all meaning and

harmony is lost

to disintegrating



can this one be saved?

perhaps multiple layers

of white are needed,

a tabula rasa on which

to begin again

but this time

without the colours

of the heart,

simple earth tones maybe

applied with the practicality

of a tractor

ploughing a field,

a mechanical approach,

technical, rational

with no attachment

to the harvest.


Art and poem by clinock.

Art: Black Sphere. 24″ x 18″. acrylic on paper.


16 thoughts on “Black Sphere.

  1. So many thoughts come from reading this poem, it is a mysterious enigma like a maze in itself. The beautiful blue image ( without the colours of the heart?) but with a bit of pink is superb again. I hope you will save it!


    1. Dear Ina, thank you…the poem of course is a metaphor, the painting does contain the colours of the heart, the suggestion of change is part of the metaphor. I probably won’t actually change the painting…


    1. Thanks so much Robert…as I said to Ina it’s all a metaphor…the words relate to the painting, actually ,but also metaphorically in relation to my life. Change to the painting is also metaphorical…your comment is much appreciated…


  2. The poem says ‘…the light is all wrong…’ and yet the image seems to be falling into waiting spaces…very interesting dichotomy. Or maybe not falling into…maybe ‘…balancing on the edge.’ Very personal words John.


    1. I understand that this particular dance of text and art is not an easy one to follow but I think that’s okay because the inherent mystery empowers the reader to create their own story. Yes, the metaphor is extremely personal hence more difficult to understand. Thank you so much Steven for your words and thoughts…


      1. When something is both visual and textual and emotional and universal and metaphysical and revelatory it’s not always easy to ‘nail’ down the meaning! But it’s good to enjoy the meaningfulness! Thanks John for your reply.


  3. “applied with the practicality of a tractor plowing a field” …a striking line. The whole poem sounds like the prelude to the eruption of spring while still being wrapped in winter.


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