dark (leaving)

leaving. 16" x 20". pastel and conte on paper.

slipping quietly away

it took so long

the leaving

mute as shadows

step by quiet step by

tiptoed second

the slow disappearing

barely noticeable

the slow increments

of separation

the widening chasm

the darkening distance

between the leaving

and the left

the left behind

the wreckage

 the stripped bones

the abandoned child

the sheets of insomnia

the barbed and broken


slipping quietly away

taking nothing

leaving everything

to the silent drifts of night

drawing and poem by clinock.


26 thoughts on “dark (leaving)

  1. Wow, what a great strong piece of art! I see it is a drawing, but it looks like a painting, what material did you use? And the poem goes so well with it. Which was first? And what will happen with the drawing, do you sell your art? lol a lot of questions… 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Ina. This is a pastel and conte drawing. The drawing came first. I sometimes sell my art, when the opportunity presents…in group shows, the occasional ‘in’ at restaurants or coffee shops or to supporting friends. I have considered on-line possibilities but can’t seem to get organized enough. Maybe an e-book in the future, with poems and art dancing together…anything is possible I suppose, with a little effort on my part…


  2. This poem and drawing hit me at my core this morning. It brings up a lot for me. I want to thank you for the courage to publish this raw and perceptive description of loss. Daughter has returned after over a year in Vancouver and is being shell-shocked by Cowtown.


    1. You saw through to the heart of it Kathleen which doesn’t surprise me at all. That I am able to touch your core means a lot to me and validates my art for me, thank you.
      You must be happy to have your daughter home, even in a shell-shocked state, I’m sure she will get over that soon…


  3. This stunning image very much feels like Celtic relief with metal. I know the words are personal but I couldn’t help but think of the disappeared worlds of nature ‘worship’ and tree ‘worship,’ etc… the words can work in this way also for lost (conquered) cultures….


    1. I understand your thoughts Steven and thank you for them…there are as many interpretations as there are types of loss and everyone will read and view from a different perspective, and all are valid…


  4. What an emotional piece, beautiful and disturbing (in a good way) at the same time. It reminds me of the grave yard which was my bedroom window view growing up as a child.


    1. Hi Ian, nice to meet you and thank you for your visit and kind words. What an extraordinary childhood you must have had with such a view…how did you feel about it then and how did such a thing affect your later life?


      1. Hello, thank you for your reply, as a child and to this day I find grave yards relaxing, comforting places of peace. Later in life well what can I say, I been a psychic medium since the age of 14, my family thought I was stealing money, but I was earning it doing readings from my pushbike. Thanks for interest and I enjoy your art frequently visiting. Love and Light


  5. Hello John, ı am amazed with your artworks, paintings,photos and poems….You are the great talent…ı enjoyed a lot seeing your artworks, always pleasure to see your works and truly love this one too!
    By the way thank you so much for your kind comments…You know very important your ideas for me. Have a lovely sunday!


    1. Thank you Ayse for your lovely and generous words and you are more than welcome for my comments…I speak as I find and I always find beauty in your art…


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