‘The 100’ # 97 – Dove


…” the wars they will
be fought again
The holy dove
She will be caught again
bought and sold
and bought again
the dove is never free.”

Leonard Cohen. Anthem

 That which once was clearly read

now manifests in ciphers,

silent, broken and disintegrating.

Whatever the answer was,

in this parchment of peace,

it is gone now, forgotten,

fragmented and lost.

Dove 6


Words and songs are smudged,

dark wings tear the light,

chaos reigns beneath the ordered surface

and the zero and the I,

tattooed in bar codes

indelibly across our eyes

binds us and blinds us.

Dove detail 2

And our blindness multiplies

with the hate and lies,

the killing, the hurting, the violence

wasting our hearts

to ashes, charcoal, stone,

and all we might become

is lacerated by darkness.


Dove detail 4

 But still we inhabit our dream

 as if the unbearable pain

was part of a stranger’s nightmare,

otherwise, we ask

how could we breath?

how could we sleep?

how could we believe in love?

Dove detail 3

So we claim neutrality,

pretend we do not see

the millions of bodies of falling doves

filling the sky like tears,

blood on white feathers

heaping around our feet

freezing us numb in holy snow.




Mixed media collage and poem by clinock.

Thank you Steven @  http://poemimage.wordpress.com for design inspiration.


26 thoughts on “‘The 100’ # 97 – Dove

    1. Thank you Debra. Yet one more news item reporting the violence and atrocities in our world unbalanced me and I needed to express and share these feelings…


    1. Thanks Cheryl, I’m honoured that this reminds you of Dave Mckean, his work is fabulous. I’m also honoured and very glad that you love the series…


  1. I’m speechless…
    Every word comes from and speaks straight to the heart. The same goes for your collage.
    ” But still we inhabit our dream
    as if the unbearable pain
    was part of a stranger’s nightmare”…


  2. The purity of the dove endures as an image, even in this wild painting, where it sits sharp and beleaguered in the bottom corner. You have portrayed it so well with words and painting John. We cling to the impossible. As I age I feel the darkness and despair more strongly. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” Now I see that in a different context. The world is the same as it always was, we hear and see more….but who is really listening? And worse, what can we do? This is the darkest orange I have ever felt! But thank you. Philippa


    1. Thank you dear Philippa for these words and thoughts that carry so much sensitivity and understanding. Your comment is poetry and circles in my head and heart as i read it again and again.”Sharp and beleaguered”… “We cling to the impossible”…”This is the darkest orange I have ever felt!”…you have said so much and with such beauty. The Dylan Thomas line seen in a different light I get so well, its wider context. Yes, age and experience sharpens the focus and the pain…and what can we do? Perhaps it is enough to never avert our eyes and do all we can possibly do to balance the warped evils with love, art, compassion, beauty and light…


      1. Yes, I think you are right. Those last gifts are very much within our reach and ‘power’. Your work is certainly standing up and out. Saturated colour and quiet intensity. Thank you for these and your reminder about what IS possible.


  3. This works on every level – words and images combined telling of the horrors we commit. An old story that, sadly, never gets old.


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