Iconicalities. natura morta.

natura morta

natura morta haiku

photo and haiku by clinock. photo from Vernatza, Italy.

Click on photo for superior viewing experience.


10 thoughts on “Iconicalities. natura morta.

    1. I love Lenny’s song also but this time I let the plants sing. Nature and the human hand adorn and adore this ancient wall and all the cycles of life and death that have passed and will pass across its surface…

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    1. I’m glad you enlarged the photo JoNell, it does make for more dimensional and detailed viewing. I enjoy visiting your blog posts and I wish you a wonderful weekend also…


    1. The juxtaposition of the simple Pieta with the abundant natural growth on an ancient wall along a walkway above the ocean impressed me with its symbolism and everyday beauty. Somehow more moving than the same subject by a Renaissance master in a great cathedral. Thanks for your comment Steven…


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