Autumn Resurrection

Resurrectionsometimes, even

in the season

of dying and farewells

the broken,

the rusted,

the rejected

are touched by magic,


garlanded in lights

and flowers,


and honoured

as fallen leaves

and a tenuous sun

ride summer memories

through October streets.


photo and poem by clinock.

Click on photo for superior viewing experience.


17 thoughts on “Autumn Resurrection

  1. I love the lights on the bicycle and the way it is set apart behind the little metal decorative edging. It is definitely garden art! And the theme of resurrection is really eloquent in combination with the wonderful poem. Tom Waits! I am never disappointed in his music and lyrics. There is a lot to think about in such a small and compact post, John. I took a little plunge into melancholy…but in a thoughtful and considerate little dive. šŸ™‚


    1. “A little plunge into melancholy” is nourishing for the soul Debra, and especially fitting for this always pensive season. I too was enchanted by this resurrected old bicycle and the precious care taken in its presentation for all to enjoy on the street. Your comment is delightful and kind, thank you my friend…


  2. Fall is so full of deep whimsy…the emphasis on depth. Like the pulling back of a long thick rubber band….one wonders how far back it will take us before projecting us into orbit…it keeps going back and back….into winter’s pocket.


  3. “…ride summer memories

    through October streets…”

    Oh I love these lines. Just a perfect way of speaking volumes with only a few lines on the page…. Like a pinch of salt bringing out all the flavour …. Beautiful and aromatic.


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