fāz/Wise Women

Wise Women


“And we’ll walk the paths that the old ones walk
And we’ll dance the dances they taught us
And we’ll sing the songs that the old ones sang
For the magick now has caught us.”


Wise Women. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. by clinock.


7 thoughts on “fāz/Wise Women

  1. Is that part of you John watching the Wise Woman with stars in your eyes? Could this be all about tradition…….passing knowledge on from the elders (or Wise Woman)? Perfect music to accompany your art. Interesting to be introduced to an Australian band…..Spiral Dance.
    Thank you once again!


    1. I did not know they are an Australian band Robert, that’s an added bonus to this post. The only part of me depicted in this is the applied paint and of course my anima, honoured always as I honour the women throughout herstory and in the present. This is about the wise women I honour in our lives and the Wise Woman inside every one of us. Thank you for your thoughtful comment my Ozzy mate.


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