April Redux – 2013 – fragmented/enchanted


Even as the center holds,

various preconceptions

of mirrored identity,

(sensible face,

pedestrian limbs,

imagined organs),

fragment and

peel away,

shedding more than was known.


Enchanted by fragmentation

I’m reluctant to leave

this sweet and bitter place

where honeyed magics

wing through space,

pollinating thought

and flesh, and dreams.

Waiting becomes me.

I paint the walls with lightning.


Fragmented by enchantment,

a cellular accommodation

reforms my reformation

in a dance of Buddha love,

an attitude of slow turning

across the wavering tiles,

where I shape and shape again

the slow dissolve

of the waiting room I was.



photo collage and poem by clinock


10 thoughts on “April Redux – 2013 – fragmented/enchanted

  1. Your first line John, holds the spell then casts the enchantment as only relationship can. The push, the pull of the beloved on every cell of the internal. Combustible fuel or candle light?….fever blazing or simply shining in the eyes of the beholder. I’m glad you are revisiting these John….this one is a gem.

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  2. What can I say John except… brilliant image and poetry. What I wonder is how you feel now when you revisit this…. do the words and image resonate more strongly, more meaningfully. Has time influenced how you feel about this blog?


    1. Interesting questions Robert, thanks for your curiosity. I’m guessing you revisit your art from time to time, not so much the work that you live with every day but the almost forgotten pieces in storage. If you do then you know the kaleidoscope of ideas and feelings that flow out. Probably yours not that different from mine when I do the same or indulge in this redux series. Seems personal changes have been rapid and amazing since I opened art rat. When I travel back and pick a post I remember who I was and where I was when it emerged. It’s like looking back at entries in a diary. I relive the moment, honour it and let it go. To be honest though I am diligent and discriminating when I choose which posts to redux and which to forget. The choices I make must illuminate some aspect of who I was and who I am now. I ramble on my friend and am unsure if I have answered your questions at all…sorry, it’s this endless Vancouver rain rotting my brain…


      1. Understand completely except here it is the near endless Aussie sun beating down on my head which is hard to escape.
        Unlike you I rarely go back to previous works but I can see the benefit of doing so. I have always looked at my creativity as a tap or well which is OPEN and continuously FLOWING> My job is to hang on and go with that FLOW!


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