Lilac Moon


Full moon tonight.

Her name is Lilac Moon,

Womb of Spring,

Hidden by Clouds.


The lilacs are out in Vancouver.

Spring always smells like you,

but it never lasts.


The magnolias bloomed

and were gone

in three days

this year.


The flowers of May

come and go.


The lilacs may last

a little longer.


Because it brings me back you…

art and poem by clinock

Painting: 20″ x 16″ (50.8 x 40.64 cm). Acrylic on paper.



12 thoughts on “Lilac Moon

    1. Thank you Deb. It’s maybe why we all paint and write and dance and sing…to put it out there, to share feelings, ideas and our human condition, to sometimes touch one another…


      1. Mine also. I find it fascinatingly tragic that Tim Buckley his father also died young and then Jeff in ways that are quite unusual. A little like Bruce Lee and his son. Jeff Buckley was exquisitely talented and beautiful.

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