Offering to a darkened sun







mixed media sculpture by clinock.

H. 9″ x W. 5″ x L. 15″ (H. 23cm x W. 13cm x L. 38cm)



“People in Vancouver are in one of the best spots in Canada to see the solar eclipse happening Monday morning. The moon will cover about 86 per cent of the sun at the peak of the solar eclipse, happening at 10:21, according to Derek Kief, an astronomer with the MacMillan Space Centre.”






15 thoughts on “Offering to a darkened sun

    1. I’ve been wondering about the difference, if any, between an offering and a sacrifice. I watched the eclipse in a local park with a First Nations person. When I told her about my wondering she said, “It’s like this eclipse. Once we were shining across our world, giving light and energy. Then you guys came in your big ships, like an alien invasion. We welcomed you in friendship making offerings but you sacrificed us to your greed, casting a black shadow across our light.”
      This is one past I’m helping / hoping to burn out through understanding and reconciliation.
      Thank you Marina. I can’t say I ‘enjoyed’ the eclipse but it was another possibility to go deep. The symbolism of the sculpture connects to the symbolism of the eclipse. And Antony moves me so much.

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      1. That is the story of ‘humankind’, my dear friend. The only species that destroys for greed. No other being with that characteristic. However we do have another one to counteract it: going deep, and that was what I meant by ‘enjoy’. Any such inward dive can only be beneficial in every way. šŸ™‚

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  1. It was cloudy here and we missed seeing it. But I set my intentions and have been working on my inner self. It’s like the line from the Hopi Prophecy – “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”… In group consciousness, we are beginning to see the errors of humankind and this is the reconstruction of US being better than what we’ve been. This is a gradual process of hundreds of years and we are in the throes of it. Of course it always gets worse before it gets better, but I’m hopeful! Just shine your light and give love, it’s all we can do šŸ™‚

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  2. I love seeing how your imagination manifests in these pieces- always unique, always fascinating.

    How was the eclipse? I caught the last one in the UK, about 20 years ago now but I vividly remember it. Quite eerie, how it got cold as it went dark, I had a sense of falling. I’d love to catch another some time.

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    1. Thank you Mixy, I’m glad what I do sparks something in you. Yes, the eclipse was eerie because, as you observed, the temperature dropped and a cool wind blew across the park on what was a hot summer morning just an hour before. Because it was only 86% it didn’t really get dark, just enough to feel like dusk at mid-morning. At it’s peak the sun looked like a new moon. What I really liked about it was the way it brought people together. Normally a hundred or so people in the park would rarely talk to each other. At the eclipse everyone wanted to share in the various designs of low and high tech observing equipment, from video cams like interstellar star ships to the very old school smoked glass that I brought. It was a party with a Monty Python look, so many walking around with cardboard box pinhole cameras on their heads…


  3. Another great post John! I’m sure your “offering” was deeply felt and greatly appreciated. Sorry we did not get to enjoy the eclipse this time. Nothing downunder.
    Always an eclipse reminds me of “things” happening beyond our understanding and as you say John…..brings people together. The Aboriginals here, like your First Nation people are still having problems from European settlement. I sometimes wonder how we will all feel if a superior alien race suddenly visits us and imposes their rule on us. Then all religions would become one….all nations would become one…..all people become just…ONE!
    Hey….. it nearly makes me want it to happen!!!!!

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  4. Thanks for your thoughts Robert. If it was suddenly real that we were visited from elsewhere, if we suddenly understood that we were not alone…it would change everything on our world forever, hopefully for the better. However, if the visitors ‘imposed’ their will on us I would be the first to join the resistance. So much of Si Fi movies and books have assumed visits from an ET race would be aggressive. I prefer to believe in the visions of ‘Close Encounters…” or the recent ‘Arrival’…


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