October 2013 – Ghosts Pass By


Ghosts pass by.

Abandoning armchairs,

stubbing out cigars,

quaffing the final drop

of vintage port

they float away,

down the back stairs,

checking their auras

in the cracked mirror

as they go.


Ghosts pass by.

Evicted from rooms

of haunted sleep,

they pass on, like wind,

like a Fellini parade,

a dust blown cavalcade

of ragged motley

seeking another home,

another creaking attic,

another empty shell.


Ghosts pass by.

Swathed in scars and chains,

autumn leaves and broken hearts

they pass the open window

of my glorious night.

Weeping phantoms,

restless souls and spirits,

their gaze is losing me

and I watch their sad ambling

with eyes of dawn.


Ghosts pass by

in feather boas, painted rags,

stained armor and cloaks of stars;

a susurration of shadows

shimmering with enchantment;

tears and whispers in the night.

Ghosts pass by, darkly inviting

but I turn and touch the sun,

and am exorcised again

in pulsing light.



Acrylic painting and poem by Clinock

Edited redux from October 2013



16 thoughts on “October 2013 – Ghosts Pass By

  1. huge fave here my friend! Your writing here completely resonates with me. So evocative! So many great lines – I especially love “….like a Fellini parade, a dust blown cavalcade” so carnivalesque – so beautiful. And the painting is wonderful – the Bright colors and expressive shapes really offer up a “dance to the end of the world” world feeling. Todays post is just one of the many examples of why I love following your blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend.

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      1. Events. I should not have done that or I should have done this or disappointment and guilt. Hard to let go . More accurately can’t just press a “dismiss it all ” button. Most would advise “just get over it” as seem minor and inconsequential by others. We all have had our apotheosis through good and bad but hopefully we now make wiser choices and endure knowing this too will pass. And our motives become purer and less self aggrandizing and we play the tape forward measuring consequences beforehand. Check out Utube song by Cher “If I Could Turn Back Time”.

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    1. Hey Sam, No, not new at all actually, a redux from October 2013. I’ve been resurrecting old posts that were faves. Are you starting up your blog again? Glad you like this painting, it’s yours if I can ever find it again…


    1. It’s always good to hear from you Philippa and thank you for your wise and understanding words. For me art is quintessentially mysterious and I am inclined to deal with it in mysterious ways…


      1. and as for “tears and whispers” yes, of course you’re right, they’re life expressing itself, not having changed much from the first tear, the first whisper…


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