the complexities of silence



It was a period of silent contemplation.

Away from previous distractions and illusions.

It was an adventure into other realities

and a questioning about things like this.


I return to things like this

and I’ve been thinking again

about creative process, how and

why do we do what we do?


Painter, song writer, potter,

dancer, musician, actor.

What is this mysterious energy

entertaining us all?


Enter this beyond I know

so very well, the back of my hands,

the inside of eyelids, thighs,

mapping you to my home.


And the very bones of me,

and the meat, absent of me,

and the soul of every move I make,

and the complexities of silence.


art and poetry by Clinock




I had been thinking about underneath

the complexities of silence

and how much deeper it can go

before we are only the dance?



Art – The Complexities of Silence – 16 x 20 – Mixed media



12 thoughts on “the complexities of silence

  1. You’ve deeply touched me with these words, John. Very timely. Coincidentally, I’ve been listening to a Leonard Cohen LP given to me as a gift and that’s what it has been…a gift. 🙂 it’s good to see you again.


    1. And it’s special to see, read you again Debra. Each time I break from WP I believe I won’t return but I always do and it’s because of dear members of this community like you. I remember how special it all is and say thank you. LC has been a gift to me since my 20s. His words and music have been the soundtrack to my life.


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