Luna Ilena Sobre Chapala


Full Moon over Chapala

She is the dance of all the world’s oceans

She is the depth of mystery and the vibrating soul

She is the peeling back of all that is hidden


Full Moon Over Chapala

Luna Ilena Sobre Chapala by Clinock. 17×14 in. 43×46 cm. Acrylic on paper.

Xochi Quetzal Artist and Writer’s Residency.  Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. October 2019.




12 thoughts on “Luna Ilena Sobre Chapala

    1. (cont.) I am curious – much of your work has a tribal, mystical and mythical quality. Is that intentional? Does tribal art work to drive your inspiration? If it does,when did it first capture your imagination?🙏

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      1. Thank you for asking, I appreciate your curiosity however, the creative process of making art is something that is continuously and quintessentially mysterious for me, in my making. I’m fascinated with the creative process but avoid looking too deeply into mine lest I contaminate. Too much like stealing eggs from my own nest. Therefor my answers are ambiguous and as insubstantial as clouds…
        Everyone brings their own story to the art they experience. You see it in the way you’ve explained in your comment, the next viewer will see it completely differently and so on. Having said that you are perceptive in that I do recognize a certain influence from long stays in Spain, Italy and Mexico, absorbing the colour, drama, masks and costumes of their carnivals and religious street processions. I’m from England, my ancestors from the ancient west and south lands of the Fae with their Druidic and pagan beliefs and ceremonies. I have surely been enchanted with that magick all my life. And I’ve spent long summers alone in the high wilderness of northern British Columbia working as a fire lookout. The forest spirits are the trees and they entered me along with their wild animal friends and their magick has never left me.
        So many influences for me and in your art too I’m sure. And so many more.

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