Story Time

We all love listening to stories

Especially if the story is ours

And this one must be mine 

Because I called it here

From my shadowy insides

And asked if it would appear for me 

It came in joy and pain and laughter

but I can’t explain the who-ness

Or the why or even how or when

And even if I could the words would 

Trip like clowns into the muddy wonder

Where the children cry, Again, Again, Again!

Dear People, as I’ve mentioned before I’m lost and confused with this new ‘Block’ editor on WP. I’ve tried to get it but I can’t and am now simply frustrated.

I wanted this poem to be in two stanzas of six lines each but it refuses to break using Return.

Now I can’t even find Tags and Categories so this post won’t have them. I think I will be leaving WP soon if I can’t resolve this.

Story Time. 17×14 in. Acrylic on paper. Painting and poem by Clinock.

Instagram @johnclinock


11 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. Love the poem. :)) The block editor is awful isn’t it. If you select Classic Block, from inside the block options (search for it in the search field that pops up, after you click the black plus sign of the block itself) – that’s what I do – it helps a lot. It’s the only workaround I know of. I can’t stand Block Editor either!! Hugs. :))

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    1. Lovely to hear from you Nadine, are you back or is this just a pop up? Thank you for your helpful comment. I’ve tried your suggestions and more but it all just feels ungainly. I miss the ease and flow.

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  2. Your art and words always speak to my heart…
    As for WP, it’s what you get when ‘algorithms’ take over… I’ve been using block editor for some time now and still annoyed that I have to do the weirdest moves in order to …approach the look I’m looking for. What puzzles me is that the majority of people find B.E. challenging but WP does not seem to take notice.

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