I am a visual artist living in Vancouver, Canada and working in a wide variety of media.

The art, poetry and photography in my posts are a mix of my past and recent works.

I sometimes include the work of other artists, known and unknown, living and dead. These are the ones who spoke to me.

Text has played in and out of my art for many years and I enjoy sharing and exploring the text-based artwork of other artists, past and present. My posts also stroll through a miscellany of subjects: poetic, humorous, food, reflective, art exhibitions and art historical.

My personal creativity is strongly influenced by the Surrealist concept of Automatism. Intuition, chance, sensuality, mystery, paradox and magic are the whispers of my muse.

The process of the act of art enchants me. Mark making, painting and assembling become ritual acts that wake and release sleeping images caged inside.

Each piece I make is a deeply personal journey filled with wonder and the unexpected.

In recent years my painting has explored the concept of ‘inner portraits’ and connections to theater, masks and carnival. I have also rediscovered mixed media and ceramic sculpture, both free standing and relief.

My other website is a professional, art portfolio site. It is created with the single intention of showing my art in as simple and as formal a context as possible.

This is the link:   http://www.johnclinockart.com

I am also on Instagram: @johnclinock

Thank you for your visit. I welcome comments and connections.


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    1. Hello John,
      I would like to inform you that I have just completed a new and detailed post dedicated to you and your art. The results, as I hope that you can see, and as time-consuming as it has been to produce, are much better, more worthwhile, substantive, meaningful and satisfying than nominating you for “The Lovely Blog” Award, for example. Please enjoy the dedication and happy new year!

      Hello Tincup,
      In this special dedication, I have mentioned and linked to one of your posts. Cheers!


      1. Greetings SE. I have just visited your very thoughtful and detailed post dedicated to art rat cafe. I have left a message for you at your post but here I just want to say thank you again. I honour the time and effort you put into this dedication and because of this I have been able to look at my art in a new way and from a fresh viewpoint. This was a wonderful New Year’s gift to me and I return your New Year’s wishes a thousand-fold. All the best to you – John


    1. I am honoured to accept because the nomination comes from one lovely blog, yours – I will be away from my computer for about 5 days but on my return I will respond to the award – thank you Philippa…


    1. Thanks Philippa – I feel blessed that such beauty is only a short ferry ride away. I’m actually trying to complete my nominations tonight before I leave but it’s not easy – my choices have either already received this award or don’t wish to receive awards… I persevere…


  1. I found you through a blog (Tom Simard) that liked one of my posts. I liked your photo.
    I really like your blog and your art. I’m happy for you that you’ve been able to use the gift of time you’ve been given after retiring from a long teaching career.
    Your work speaks to me in its exploratory, ‘let’s see what happens’ attitude. I have that with some of my things, but recently in oils, I got all caught up with appearances again. Now I have to start all over with beginner’s mind. Your work reminded me to let go.

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    1. Glad to meet you Sarah and thank you for your supportive words. Mostly the intuitive approach to painting works for me however, there is usually a stage when I need to call on the rational, especially when exploring new media. Generally, I think that a flexible balance between the two is a viable path to follow. I look forward to getting over to your blog soon…


  2. Thanks John. I really appreciate how you make the effort to answer your comments personally. I do as well, and I think it has to do with not having a mega-following (at least not yet!) responding with each new post. I have a modest following, about half of yours, and I like it that way.

    Yes to finding the balance between working intuitively and working rationally.

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  3. What an absolutely fabulous blog, John. As a landscape photographer I am thoroughly enjoying it. I find the topics you cover inspirational (like the Stories of my Art posts), professionally stimulating (like the Art and Photography posts) and reflective (like the Reflections on Art posts). I have added your blog to those I look forward to returning to each week. Many many thanks.

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    1. Thank you and nice to meet you Heekeow. Glad the Quote of the Week caught your eye, you are the first ever to mention it. Thank you for your visit and follow – I will be dropping by your site tonight to see what you are up to…


  4. Happy to have “met” you by way of “I know I Made You Smile.” How rewarding it must have been to teach art, and now to have the time to pursue your passion. The pieces that Carl highlighted in his post are beautiful.

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    1. AA – Great to meet you too through Carl and thank you for your kind words. Yes, it was rewarding to teach, and to learn, for my students taught me at least as much if not more than I taught them. If one has to work then this career tops most I have known. Now I am a student again and am giving to my life and art the energy I gave to my students for so many years…


  5. John, Congratulations on so many awards! I have actually nominated you (again) for Blog of the Year Award 2012, which means that you can add another star to your poster. I think it also comes obligation free! Just add another star to your poster and then relax and enjoy the festivities. With congrats also my thanks for your supportive comments and thoughtful responses. Cheers, Philippa

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  6. Oops, me again. Thank you for your 60 comments this year! You are a star performer indeed John. I really appreciate your reactions and witty exchanges as well as your ‘enriching’ posts. Thank you so much for your contributions to my blogging experience.

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    1. 60 comments! – ye gods I do tend to ramble on. Thank you so much Philippa for your generous words and thank you for your own posts that are always a delight. See you next year…


        1. Ah you noticed, of course. Mexico is always dear to my heart although I am unable to visit again this year. The reality of everyday life and finances are against me. I must accommodate myself to a Canadian winter and find some solace in my art and in the damp and chilly grey of a west coast season.


  7. Ah, I am sorry about the email. My post-graduation celebrations with my family took too much of my time for me to even fathom getting close to the internet, let alone blogging. 🙂 I am glad you posted about the award and will respond to that post shortly!


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  8. Hi, John, are you still living in Vancouver? Sorry I lost touch and would like to get back. Just finished a PhD in Art History at University of Leeds. Now I’m working and contemplating my next move, I’d like to talk more to you about it. All best, Simon – the PhD was on the journal Gagarin, http://www.gagarin.be, in case you are interested and I neglected to tell you – a Belgian journal of artists’ writings- am into some heavy hitters now..

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  9. Good Monday morning John. The style of your artworks is really unique and new to me. The colors you use and the brush strokes are so vivid and somewhat intriguing. 🙂 … Keep up the art cafe burning! (with the fire of creativity).

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  10. Hi John, thansk for dropping in on my blog. Looking at your about, you seem an accomplished artist. I’m relatively inexperienced in artistic matters, but enjoy doing cartoons of family, just completed one of my girlfriend 🙂 The devil it does seem is in the detail !

    I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

    Keep in touch …


    Don Charisma

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  11. Hi John.Wowwww…just I can say wowwww1 I’m really surprised . All of them, poem ,Painting, Photography ,drawing are fabulous. I quiet enjoyed what I saw. You are real artist and I really honored to meet you. Your art is meaningfull,illusion, dream… I don’t know what to say. You must teach students in Emillycarr. Congratulation!

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  12. Hi John – due to the wonders of google, I discovered your art, and then this site, and I must say, I am in
    awe of what you create! I too am a mixed media artist. Well, my blog
    bio is “I am an artist, performer, musician, foodie, creator, and
    life-lover on a beautiful detour after at age 18, a sudden blood clot
    caused me to fall into a coma for months. Piecing together my life
    after my initial dreams of performing musical theatre took a turn into
    broader horizons. I believe it is my mission to spread messages of
    hope and strength while doing what I love to do, which is CREATE. Art,
    Music, Theatre, Writing – the world is full of everyday miracles and
    beautiful detours…” – After 27 surgeries, I must say that art has
    been the best medicine and means for self-discovery/recovery and
    Anyway, I am so inspired by your creations! I hope you don’t mind but
    I featured you in my blog post today – linking to this site and
    crediting you of course – and I just want to make sure that is okay
    with you:

    You can view my own mixed media work at my website http://www.amyoes.com,
    more specifically my Mixed Media Gallery at
    http://amyoes.com/Artist/MixedMediaGallery and my blog where I am
    always adding new stuff at

    I also featured you now on my Links I Love Side Bar because your work
    is truly phenomenal. If you feel like it, browse through my work and
    if you like anything, see if you woudn’t mind linking to mine or
    anything like that? It was great to “meet” you through your amazing


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    1. Amy…I have been away, traveling, most of the past year. This just to say why I did not answer you before. You are a truly amazing woman, artist and inspiration. I have explored your art and life and found it echoing in me, an understanding like Italian cathedral bells. Where and how did you find your courage to survive your demons and grow? I want that too in my life, that tower of the brave. I encourage anyone reading this to visit Amy, your life will be enriched by touching base with her experiences. Thank you my friend, I am so glad you like my work, this means so very much to me. How are you now? It was many months ago you wrote and I was already gone.
      I reach out and high five you, hug you…


  13. Hey – I remember writing to you! Thanks for writing – no worries! Actually my website has changed over since then so check out – amyoes.com! https://www.amyoes.com/galleries/mixed-media-art-gallery/ and https://www.amyoes.com/2015/09/01/how-creative-therapy-saved-my-life/ – send me a note and I’d love to connect! I’m great – actually touring the country taking my one woman show to colleges as a mental health advocacy program – https://www.amyoes.com/gutless-quick-facts/gutless-grateful-for-colleges/ So if you know of any colleges near you, maybe I can come over there 🙂 How did I find my courage….? Through art of course – as an artist, you get that, right? 🙂 And wow, thank you for your kind words, that is so sweet. Would you ever be interested in guest posting on my I Love My Detour section? It’s for anyone who’s had a twist in their life they didnt expect and used that detour to enrich their lives 🙂 https://www.amyoes.com/whats-a-detourist/ Have a great night!

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