Mr. Bunbury – RIP. May 1, 2013.

Mr B

You appeared, as cats will,

out of nowhere,

years ago, adopting me

with gentle persuasion.

Today you returned to nowhere,

unless there is an afterlife for you –

 – mice filled basements

with catnip deserts

and Bastet, goddess of cats

to caress and protect you.

You gave so much love,

and lived only to receive love

with such purring joy.

No bold adventurer you,

preferring a fence

in the sun,

greeting all who passed,

hoping for and always receiving

an ear scratch,

a neck rub,

a nose kiss.

You will be missed my friend,

not just by me

but by the many

you have touched

with your gentle ways.

The empty blanket on the bed

is your headstone

and these words

and tears

your epitaph.

Your empty dish by the door

won’t be filled tonight

nor will my empty heart.

Farewell Mr B.

sweetest and dearest

fur ball of love.