Shaman (renovation art 3)



Shape shifter,

Sometimes winged,

Sometimes four legged.

Woman, man, fish, amoeba,

Bone and card reader,

Weaver of dreams,

Midwife and mortician,

Magician and Fool.


Beyond right and wrong,

Always and forever

He is deeply here

At the pulsing center

Of my life,

And I dance his mystery

Into drumming kaleidoscopes

Of wonder.


Art and Poem by Clinock.

Sculpture: Shaman, by Clinock. H. 13″ x W. 5″ x D. 5″. Fired and stained clay.


Stories of my art – ‘Conversations at the Edge of Sleep’

At the doorway to the liquid realm of sleep, Guardian and Dream Weaver give me pause. They ask distorted riddles and insist on amorphous conversations. My words emerge in single, slow motion syllables and dissolve into smoky silence, my limbs become dumb puppets struggling to speak for me and fragments of my days dance dark and dizzying waltzes with the phantoms of my nights.

Conversations at the Edge of Sleep - acrylic/oil by Clinock