Figure in a Room




It’s not much to offer in return.

I escape into the accommodating mist,

embarrassed and too far lost in other landscapes

to embrace the yes or the no.


inside looking out -2-


from outside

looking in…

identity uncertain.

human or animal?

male or female?

demon or dream?

one thing is for sure

he, she, it wants out,


pawing, scratching

at the captivating glass,

desperate for fields

and open sky,

struggling to break

free and through

the cerebral cube,

to escape and run

on four legs or two

carried by clean winds

and swept by rain

as far as possible,

as quickly as possible

from the inside

looking out.


/poem and art by clinock / art: sculpted and painted clay heads in windowed box / each head approx. 3 inches high /

box 1-2

This series is based on the shared stories and personal experiences of people I work with in an art studio attached to a mental health facility. I express what I have heard as both fact and creative metaphor.