Mexico – Carnaval, (metamorfosis)

Parade make up SMA




we paint our faces

decorate our bodies with coloured music

emerge into ritual


we transform our selves

shedding skins we thought were us

casting our masks into fire





the Old Ones open their arms

welcome us

singing our secret names


we prepare our hearts

to dance with the spirits

of the sun




Photo and Poem by Clinock









Auguries 3


I harvest signs,

glean among wispy omens,

scavenge in pyramids and middens

aching to unwrap the unknown,

reveal the secret names,

unfold the silence.


I am nothing if not voracious for the real.


Auguries reflect

our faces

fragmented in store windows.

Barely recognizable.

Blurred and staring masks



Oh and then there was the black scarf

blown into my patio by a February storm,

winding itself around the bare branches

of the Japanese Maple


the small stone Buddha.


I wake each day to miracles.



she says,

she has nothing to say.


Poem and photo by clinock



fāz/Que Pasa

Que pasa. 18x14". Acrylic on paper on panel. (Ptg #72).

Que Pasa?

Well yes,


who ever really


what’s happening


Who ever really knows

which way

to go



and why?


I make

the old vaudevillian

double take,

laughing in night shirts,

at the crossroads

of possibilities

lost in the mirror of masks

searching for my name.


But it wasn’t me


after all

was it?


We are so many faces.



Que Pasa. 18×14″. Acrylic on paper on panel. By clinock.

*(see fāz/ Ada and Anna for back story)*

hot tub dance

hot tub

it was

a torrid tango,

intimate touches

in shimmering heat

and cold blue air.

hot tub detail 5

it was

a racing blood


a simmering

amniotic rendezvous.

it was

a sizzling cauldron of

salty wet desire,

a full moon

roiling ocean rumba.

hot tub detail 1

it was all

raw lips and basted thighs,

tangled flesh falling apart,

restless limbs losing ground

immersed and drowning.

hot tub detail 7

hot tub detail 9

hot tub detail 10

it was lines forgotten,

identities scrambled

naked, masked, revealed,

dissolved, fragmented,

whole and healed.

hot tub detail 2

and it was hide and seek

and blind man’s bluff

and catch me if you can

with a stiff oar in a feral sea

dipping and thrusting

through oscillating fluids

in a wavering boat

floating, flooding, rising

bodies liquifying,

spurting like whales.

hot tub detail 3

it was a forming and melting,

a mute transfiguration

lost in translation and found

again under sultry layering

of transmogrified faces.

hot tub detail 4

it was always in flux

through shifting perspectives

of steam where nothing was ever

what it seemed

hot tub detail 8

in the hot tub dance.

drawing and poem by clinock

All credits and an admiring thank you to Steven @ for the idea and inspiration for the design of this post. You are the Master my friend…

DUETTO (a collaboration) 6

Duetto 6

carnival of life

willingly or not

masks disappear


This is the last Duetto in this series. Thank you again Ese for an inspiring and delightful dance – your haiku brought another dimension to my drawings and I hope my art did the same for your poetry.

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