Ese’s Shoot and Quote Challenge – ‘Open’

lookout mtn nude

Open the window in the center of your chest

and let the spirits fly in and out.”   / Rumi /


This is my response to Ese’s new weekly challenge. You can find it at:

photo by clinock.


Fragmented Nudes

I love

Fragmented Nudes – conte

I love to wander

I love to wander in your garden


Tasting moist earth

Tasting moist earth on my tongue

On my lips

Lush growth on my lips.

I love

I love to explore

I love to explore your garden

Parting the grasses

My lips searching

My mouth searching for fruit

For the holy delicacy

That nourishes time and angels

And brings me to my knees.

I love

I love to open

I love to open your earth

Your soft, warm soil

Where the smell of deep forest

Rich wine and the sea

Absorbs me

In deep welcoming

A seed absorbed in a mystery.

drawing and poem by Clinock