Mexico – Carnaval, (metamorfosis)

Parade make up SMA




we paint our faces

decorate our bodies with coloured music

emerge into ritual


we transform our selves

shedding skins we thought were us

casting our masks into fire





the Old Ones open their arms

welcome us

singing our secret names


we prepare our hearts

to dance with the spirits

of the sun




Photo and Poem by Clinock









6 thoughts on “Mexico – Carnaval, (metamorfosis)

  1. Are you now visiting Mexico for a short stay ? I recently purchased 100 six inch skeletons and ordered doll sombreros and cowboy hats to experiment with some Dia de los Muertos diorama type things. I will have to make clothes, instruments and paint background stuff but right now still making small WW 1 model airplanes kits.

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    1. Dear Carl, you never cease to amaze! WW1 airplanes to Dia de los Muertos dioramas! Quite the transition but then again maybe not.
      I was in Mexico again this past winter but now very much back in Vancouver.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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